6.2 Single-File Sales Report Messages

The Flat File Sales Report Message defined in this standard is a delimiter-separated values text file. Sales Report Messages created in accordance with this standard comprise the following sequence of Records:

  1. Exactly one header Record of type HEAD as defined in Part 8 of this standard.; 

  2. One or more Records in accordance with the relevant Profile Standard that provide summary information about the transactions listed in item  3 below ;

  3. None, one or more Blocks of Records in accordance to the relevant Profile Standard that provide detailed information about transacted Releases/Resources/Works and the Usage, Revenue or Sales of such transacted Releases/Resources/Works; and

  4. Exactly one Footer Record of type FOOT as defined in Part 8 of this standard.

This structure is shown in the Figure 2 (note: the indentation is for illustration purposes only).

Figure 2 – Overall structure of a Sales/Usage Report Message created in accordance with this standard

It is permissible to send a Sales Report Message with just a header Record of type HEAD and a Footer Record of type FOOT and no other Records. This would indicate that no Usage, Revenue or Sales are being reported.