7 Profiles

This standard  defines the architecture for all flat file sale/usage reports, It also defines common Record Types used in all sales/usage reports formatted in accordance with this standard but does not define Record Types for specific Profiles.

These Record Types are used in Profile-specifc standards which are, in turn, built upon this standard. At the time of writing this Part, these Profiles have been defined by DDEX:

  1. Basic Audio Profile

  2. UGC Profile

  3. AV Profile

  4. Royalty Reporting Profile

  5. Broadcast Reporting Profile

  6. Profile for Financial Reporting to Record Companies

  7. Masterlist Profile

  8. Basic Audio Profile for the Mechanical Licensing Collective [Added after this DSR Part 1 was approved]

Within each Profile, a table defines which Record Types to use and how often (the cardinality). The table also indicates, through indentation, if a Record is providing details to another Record as shown below:







| AS01



| | MW01



| SU01



This sample table indicates that a profile has to contain one RE01 Records (describing a Release). Each RE01 Record shall be followed by one or more AS01 Records which provide information on Resources that are part of that Release. Each of the AS01 records may be followed by a number of MW01 Records proving Musical Work information for works that the Recording is based on. Finally, there has to be 1-n SU01 Records providing sales/usage information for the Release. In this example the AS01 and SU01 records provide information towards the RE01 Record and the MW01 Record provides information towards the AS01 Record. 

DDEX expects to add further Profile standards over time. They will be published on the DDEX Knowledge Base where a complete list of Profiles defined for Version 3 of the Flat File Variant can be found.